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Meanwhile, outside the fortress, the time had come for the changing of the guards. The replacement, a rather large crocodile, opened the door and looked around for the German shepherd that had been out there before him. Nothing.

“Hello?” he said to no one in particular. Looking around again, he noticed a bush off to the side that looked like it had been disturbed. He made his way over and moved through the bush to see if he could find the previous guard.

And indeed he did. There was the German shepherd, passed out on the ground, pants around his ankles, covered in…

“Oh God, man,” the crocodile said, averting his eyes from the scene. “You couldn’t wait until you got inside to do that?”

There was no answer.

“Are you even listening to me?” the crocodile asked, taking a quick peek to see if his coworker was awake before quickly looking away again.

Still no answer.

The crodocile stuck his foot out, nudging the unconcious dog. “Hey, wake up already!”

Little did the croc know that while he was busy trying to wake his thoroughly knocked-out coworker, a Great White shark and a black cat snuck their way into the door he had left open.

“Jesus fucking Christ,” Blix whispered, a disgusted look on his face. “I feel like I need to shave my hands and sterilize them after that.”

“You do that,” Chrias said. “I’m going to find a machete so I can cut mine off.”

A voice came on over the radio. “While I’m curious as to what would make you two so squemish, you each really need to get a move on. A patrol is headed your way,” Fèi Lín’s voice said.

“There’s a janitor’s closet to your left,” Carmen said. “Meet me in there.”

Blix and Chrias turned to the closet, door already open. They quickly made their way inside and closed the door, just narrowly avoiding detection.

“Okay you guys, now’s your chance to relax,” Carmen’s voice said, closer now. “After this we’re going to have to start moving and moving fast. Now which one of you has my bodysuit?”

Blix began patting himself down. “Oh man! Looks like we must have left it outside, guess you’ll have to…”

Chrias put a hand to his ear. “Fèi, is the hallway outside the janitor’s office clear?”

“Uh, yeah, it is.”

“Carmen, would you give us a moment?”

“Um, sure Chrias.”

The door opened, then closed, signaling Carmen’s exit.

“Well, that was certainly odd, what on Earth did you…”

Blix didn’t get a chance to finish his sentence before Chrias pinned him to the wall. “Listen, you horny bastard, we are deep, deep, DEEP in enemy territory with no chance of support, and I for one am not going to risk the success of this mission because you can’t go for two Goddamn seconds without flirting. If you don’t cut this shit out now, then you can bet your furry ass that we’re all going to end up like Lexington.”

“Jesus fucking Christ, man! When the hell did you get such a gigantic stick up your ass!?”

“The second it hit me that your high school crushing could not only endanger our lives, but Fèi Lín’s as well. So get this through your head: button your fucking lip or so help me I’ll button it for you.”

“Alright man, alright! I’ll lay off!” Blix said, genuinely frightened.

Chrias released Blix and put his hand to his ear. “Alright Carmen, we’ve got your suit, you can come back in now.”

Blix was uncharacteristically quiet for the next part of the mission as the three made their way through the halls. Chrias’s words had hit him pretty hard and he wondered if he had really gone that far overboard with his flirting.

“Alright, the next hall you take will be the second one on your left, and from there the first door on your right will lead you up a set of stairs,” Fèi Lín said over the radio.

Chrias and Blix checked their corners. From what Fèi had said about her earlier entrance into the building, it had sounded like the halls were filled with guards, but so far they encountered little resistance.

This begged the question: Where is everyone?

The three tried not to think about it. Get in, capture the leader, get out. That’s all they needed to worry about. Empty halls were a blessing, and they each knew better than to look a gift horse in the mouth.

When they reached the top of the stairs, Chrias poked his head out into the hall beyond. “Alright, on the left there seem to be… four doors all the way down the left side of the hallway, and three on the right.”

“Four doors? Are you sure?” Fèi Lín said over the radio.

“Yeah, why?”

“This floorplan says there should only be three…”

“Then one of these things,” Carmen said, as she turned and smiled at Blix. “Is not like the other things.”

Blix was quiet. He seemed distracted.

A puzzled look seized Carmen’s face. Blix seemed so energetic earlier, where did it all go?

Chrias signaled for the two to move up. They made their way down the strangely empty hallway, glancing at the doors as they went.

The third door down turned out to be the one that didn’t fit. Unlike the others, this one lacked a number and was a different color.

“Why wouldn’t they put this on the floorplan?” Carmen asked, to no one in particular.

“Maybe,” Chrias said. “There’s something in here that someone doesn’t want anyone else to find.”

Carmen half-expected Blix to come up with something witty to follow that up with. Nothing. Blix’s continued silence began to worry her.

As he grabbed the knob, Chrias was surprised to find that the door was unlocked. He moved in first, followed by Blix, and then Carmen.

“Holy shit,” Blix said, looking around the room.

It was a rather large room, with humongous vats of a strange, bubbling yellow liquid underneath the three. The only way to get from one side of the room to the other was by way of the catwalks suspended above the vats.

“What the hell is all this stuff?” Carmen asked, observing the vats.

“No clue,” Chrias said. He put his hand to his ear. “Fèi, you sure this room isn’t on the floorplan?”

“One hundred percent sure, hon,” Fèi Lín replied.

The trio moved along the catwalks to the only other door in the room.

“This shit smells awful,” Blix said, placing a hand over his nose.

“Yeah, sooner we’re out, the better,” Chrias said.

Opening the door, Chrias, Blix, and Carmen found themselves in what appeared to be a prison block.

“There are cells all along the hallway,” Chrias said, hand on his ear. “Please, please tell me this is on the floorplan.”

“Unfortunately not, Chrias,” Fèi Lín replied.

“Okay,” Blix said. “This shit officially just got creepy.”

“Who are they keeping in these cells…?” Carmen asked out loud, moving towards one of the many barred doors.

“You sensing anything Chrias?” Blix asked, hoping Chrias’ receptors were working at their optimal strength.

“Yeah, I think so…”

A loud humming sound filled the hallway. Carmen yelped, placing her hands over her ears and shutting her eyes tight. There was another sound she couldn’t quite place right away, but then she realized…


Opening her eyes again, she gazed upon the mouth full of sharp teeth currently snapping at he from within the cell. She screamed and jumped back as Chrias and Blix grabbed their weapons off their backs, levelling them at the beast that startled Carmen.

“The fuck is that thing!?” Blix asked to no one in particular.

“Look at it!” Chrias replied.

The creature’s hard, shiny exterior was made up of vibrant shades of red, yellow, and green. It had a long tail with a black tip, and its eyes were mainly blue with a splotch of black in the middle. On its back were four giant, transparent, veiny wings.

“It’s a dragonfly! It’s a morphed dragonfly!” Blix said, now more in awe than frightened.

“And from the looks of it, I’d say he’s feral too,” Chrias continued.

“She,” Carmen said.

“She?” Chrias responded, a puzzled tone in his voice. “How can you tell it’s female?”

“Take your eyes off the teeth for a moment.”

Chrias and Blix’s eyes moved downward from the creature’s head. “Ooooh,” they said in unison.

“The poor creature,” Carmen said, having moved past her initial feeling of fright.

“What on Earth are they keeping it here for?” Blix asked. “Do you think it has something to do with those yellow vats?”

“I’d bet my ridiculous salary on that,” Chrias said, still observing the creature.

There was a pause.

“…the hell do you mean, ‘ridiculous?’”

Fèi Lín sat in the security office, listening to the ordeal before it suddenly cut out.

“Hm? Chrias, you there?”


“Blix? Carmen?”

No answer.

Fèi didn’t like this. If their communications suddenly went out, that meant…

She sensed something. Grabbing the keyboard in front of her, she spun around and caught the snake sneaking up behind her in the side of the head.

They knew the four of them were here.

“Chrias!” She yelled into her mic, desperately hoping they could still here her. “Chrias, they know we’re here! Get out! GET OUT!”

There was a thwip, and then everything went dark.


“Guys…” Carmen said, suddenly sounding groggy despite the snarling dragonfly before them. “I don’t feel so… so…”

She collapsed to the ground, unconcious with a dart sitcking out of her shoulder.

“Carme- ACK!” Blix yelled, as he suddenly began to fall forward.

Chrias caught Blix before he hit the ground. He put his hand to his ear. “Fèi, what the hell’s happening!? Fèi!? Fèi!”

There was another thwip, and Chrias turned from the impact of the dart into his left shoulder. He pulled it out, and managed to stay concious long enough to see the rubbery face of the one who tranquilized them as he walked towards their bodies.

“Fucking… dolphins…”

Then everything went black.
tl;dr :iconlegaspplz:

I decided to take a bit more of a serious tone with this one. I realized that Blix and Chrias' behavior during their earlier mission was less of casual joking and more of a coping mechanism to deal with the stress of their line of work.

However, with the addition of a new element (Carmen) and the proximity of Fèi to the mission, Blix carries on in his normal fashion while it's becoming a little more than Chrias can bear.

You may notice the changing of a couple names in this chapter. "Carmine" has become "Carmen," while "Fei Lin" has become "Fèi Lín." I will explain what "Fèi Lín" means another time. for now, take solace that this name actually means something now.

Next chapter: the big reveal! Who is the leader? What is their plan? Why does their base have strange vats of yellow liquid and caged ferals? AND WILL ZACHARY EVER FINISH CLEANING HIS ROOM? All this will be answered on the next chapter of The Writer's Struggle!

EDIT: Changed the title. Removed the fanfic writer's part of the story. You can now find it here.
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