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I: “So Chrias, may I call you Chrias?”

C: “You might as well, it’s not like I have a last name or anything.”

I: “Yes, I’m familiar with that particular aspect of morph culture, I was just…”

C: “Can we move this along? I haven’t got all day.”

I: “Certainly. Now, looking at your file, it seems as though you have quite a history in terms of morph landmarks.”

C: “‘Quite a history’ is a bit of an understatement.”

I: “Indeed. It says here you were somewhat notorious amongst humans as well as morphs. Why is that?”

C: “Well, the resentment from humans is easy enough to understand. I mean, you think they had problems with racism, imagine that shit times about ten and you’ve got a decent idea of how they approached specism.”

I: “Noted, but you were a unique case if I’m reading this correctly.”

C: “Yeah yeah, ‘first morph integrated into human school systems.’ If I had a nickel for every interview I’ve been in, I’d be a rich man. Of course, each interview paid a helluva lot more than a nickel in the end.”

I: “How is that mountainside home of yours?”

C: “Beautiful view.”

I: “How would you describe your experience in human school?”

C: “Mixed bag. I got a lot of resentment for, y’know, not being human, but those that disliked me usually kept their distance because, well, I’m a fuckin’ shark.”

I: “It wasn’t all hatred though, right?”

C: “Oh, not at all. A few children were outright fascinated by me. Some were… well, let’s just say some humans got a little too friendly.”

I: “Mhm, and how did you cope with such forward feelings?”

C: “A quick flash of the ol’ chompers was enough to deter them most of the time.”

I: “And how about this status of yours among morphs?”

C: “Now that’s definitely something. Y’know, you’d think that when that object from space struck and morphed the first gens, the sudden rush of new hormones would have caused a lot more odd pairings, but no. I had to be the first.”

I: “And your mother and father were…?”

C: “Great White and rabbit, respectively. Talk about coming from two different worlds.”

I: “And what was that like?”

C: “A lot of other morph children called me ‘unclean,’ ‘impure,’ ‘halfbreed,’ you get the idea.”

I: “Of course, we know now that some genes that determine things like class, family, and species are dominant over others.”

C: “Wouldn’t have changed a damn thing.”

I: “I don’t think that’s true, you see plenty of interclass relationships amongst morphs these days.”

C: “Oh, these days, sure. But this was back when everyone only mated within the species. It took years for people to even venture out of their own genus.”

I: “Do you hold some resentment towards your parents for being of different classes? Is that why you chose to enter a relationship with…”

C: “I entered a relationship with another shark of my own volition, not because I have issues with my parents, thank you very much.”

I: “I was merely making an observation.”

C: “Well be careful of what kind of implications you want to make.”

I: “Let’s move on, shall we?”

C: “Gladly.”

I: “You applied to the agency with your friend, correct?”

C: “Blix, yeah.”

I: “Tell me about Blix.”

C: “Blix was pretty much my only friend growing up. Sure, I had kids I hung out with at the school, but they only hung out with me because they found me odd and because I intimidated bullies. Blix may have not gone to school with me initially, but we grew up living on the same street together. He seemed to be the only one who didn’t care that I came from a mixed pairing.”

I: “Oh? Why was that?”

C: “His ancestors were brought up by hippies.”

I: “Oh.”

C: “Yeah, apparently the only things that were passed onto him from all that were the ‘don’t discriminate’ bit and the ‘make love’ part.”

I: “You mean ‘make love, not war.’”

C: “Do you think he’d be applying for this job if he believed in the ‘not war’ part?”

I: “Interesting point.”

C: “He’s really quite the fiend though. I actually met Fei Lin through him.”

I: “Fei Lin is your girlfriend, correct? The one applying for the mission coordinator position?”

C: “Mhm. He introduced me to her on what he now refers to as ‘CB-Day.’”

I: “‘CB?’”

C: “Cockblock.”

I: “Oh.”

C: “We were at this club and he was trying to get her to come with him back to his place, then I walked up and she took much more of an interest in me.”

I: “And he doesn’t harbor any resentment towards you for it?”

C: “None at all. He seems to think I used some sort of mind trick to get her interested in me. He kept asking me to teach it to him for the longest time.”

I: “He is… usually popular with the ladies?”

C: “Like you wouldn’t believe.”

I: “Tell me about Fei Lin.”

C: “Well, she, like most born in my generation, was the product of same-species parents. She told me when we met that she had heard all about me, and that her parents had always told her that my mother must have cheated on my father for me to be born because it was their belief that a mixed class couple could never produce offspring.”

I: “Must have been a rocky start.”

C: “Not at all. She told me that she doesn’t believe all that anymore. She told me that if a carnivore and an herbivore , much less a fish and a mammal, can fall in love and make the decision to stay together, then it must be one tight bond between the two of them.”

I: “Interesting outlook.”

C: “So we got to talking, started dating, and, well, here we are. Going on five years now.”

I: “Congratulations.”

C: “Thanks.”

I: “So, to finish, I suppose I should ask that one burning question: Why did you apply for this job?”

C: “It seems like it’s the best job I could apply for.”

I: “Howso?”

C: “Think about it. My species is pretty much widely known for its efficiency in killing. We have all these senses to help with that too. But those senses and abilities can be used for more than killing. I don’t know, it just seems like the best choice for me.”

I: “Alright, well, we thank you for your time and we will call you with our employment decision.”

C: “Thank you.”


I: “So, Blix, may I call you…?”

B: “Is this going to take long?”

I: “Not at all, I just have a few…”

B: “You have any condoms?”

I: “I beg your pardon?”

B: “I’ve got this hot-ass dolphin chick in my car right now that I’m trying to nail but I don’t have any rubbers, you have any you could spare?”

I: “…”
tl;dr I am not the fucking cheese.

Slow going on chapter 5, but I came up with this idea today. I'm eventually going to compile the entire anthro part of The Writer's Struggle into one deviation and figured I needed an opening that explained the relationships and histories of some of the main characters and also give a bit of background on where the morphs come from (considering that, when it's rewritten, I'm deleting that "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" bit, as well as a few other things that will be changed in coming chapters).

There's one retcon (that I can remember) here: in chapter 3 I said that Chrias' parents were a shark and a jellyfish. I decided to change it to his mother being a shark and his father being a rabbit. I also decided on some big things about Chrias' past.

I also settled on the "Interview tape" idea from an awful, awful book I read a while back. The book itself was, as I said, awful, but I found certain bits interesting, specifically when it was supposed to be a recorded session between the kid and his psychiatrist or something. So I used that idea here.

Let me know what y'all think!
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"but those that disliked me usually kept their distance because, well, I’m a fuckin’ shark"

Best thing I've read all day.
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